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Voltera Joins the SPUR

Voltera continues to develop a desktop circuit board printer that helps build hardware faster. Voltera will be able to focus on empowering users through reliability, accessibility, and flexibility at the SPUR.

Voltera offers a printer that enables low-cost circuit boards to be prototyped within minutes, eliminating the frustrations with the traditional circuit board fabrication process. The printer deposits a silver ink to create circuit boards right from your desk, just as fast as a 3D printer would create a physical object. This high precision probe was developed from the ground up and creates a height map of your substrate. The V-One takes the map into account and makes micro adjustments to ensure a constant printing height of 100 microns.

The V-One comes equipped with all the consumables and accessories you need to get started. Setup is a breeze and in just minutes you will be printing your very first circuit board on the V-One. The ink is over 90% silver and has excellent electrical properties, perfect for digital and low power applications. Even high frequency applications up to 5 GHz are possible. This offers the potential to save hundreds of dollars in stencil costs by skipping them altogether. The V-One makes populating your prototype boards a breeze.

The team of talented University of Waterloo engineers started Voltera in 2013, Co-founder Alroy Almeida. The SPUR welcomes Voltera and their award winning machine!

Please refer to Voltera’s webpage for more information on their product.

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