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Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Technologies & Blockchain

Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Technologies -DAiT leverages Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to provide real world computing solutions for now and the future with quantum computing.

A panel of global experts convened by the World Economic Forum have selected blockchain as one of the most potentially transformative technologies of the coming decade.  Blockchain is a rapidly evolving area of information technology with huge benefits potential in terms of security, reliability and cost efficiency in the exchange of information and the integration between organizations, individuals and markets without middlemen.

Decentralization and the convergence of AI and Blockchain will yield magnitudes of efficiency and advantage over legacy technologies which is also a powerful driver for adoption. Majority market share will swing to those that implement these developing technologies at the cost of those that don’t adjust to changing landscape

The developing internet of things, AI, deep learning and literally billions of connected people and their devices require a solution that can most efficiently and securely be delivered by a global blockchain solution.

Our needs are evolving towards the advent of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will be a Decentralized Distributed Autonomous Self-Healing, Secure Quantum-proof Artificial Intelligence Computing Network.  This network would be able to do legacy computing work  such as provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, IBM, Microsoft Azure and others.  

Uber which is the largest taxi service provider in the world has no taxis.

AirBnB the largest accommodation provider in the world has no rooms.

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, the world’s most popular media providers, create no content. Amazon and Alibaba, the most valuable retailers, have no product.

All of the above have supplanted the incumbent technologies by providing a platform connecting users with providers.

In the same spirit DAiT provides a computing platform that empowers users and ALL providers alike.  The DAiT blockchain provides a fluid marketplace where the users of computing services can contract directly with the providers of the services.  It also allows people the flexibility to be users when they need services and providers when they have excess resources for the marketplace. This provides previously unheard of flexibility, efficiency and power that will supplant the incumbent service providers such as Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft that are heavily invested in infrastructure, servers, real estate and equipment. The decentralized nature of DAiT blockchain platform will be a driver for adoption.

DAiT is excited to continue it’s development of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies at the SPUR.

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